viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Period country house for sale in San Clemente-Mahon!!

In the quiet town of San Clemente, in the municipality of Mahon, and just a short walking distance from the town, we discover an authentic Menorcan farmhouse, more than 300 years old, which has been patiently restored respecting its original design and character to the utmost.

Visit this delightful property through the 2 videos reports with English subtitles. (The English captions are not available if you are using Iphone or Ipad). Property details

To arrange a viewing Tel: (+34) 971 351530, or send an e-mail to  

And we would not want you to miss two spectacular beaches on the south coast of Menorca, Macarella and Macarelleta.  Just a short distance from the resort of Cala Galdana, these unspoilt coves are two of the best on the island.  Join us on this week's excursion to "Menorca's Secret Places".

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Waterfront villa with private access to the sea!

Within the natural port of Mahon, the second largest port in Europe, and one of the most important landscapes of Menorca, we present a completely renovated villa built on a prime location offering superb panoramic views of the harbour. And if this were not enough, this watefront property has a private access to the sea and a mooring which allows us into the ocean without having to leave the house.
Find out more about this property gem in the video with English subtitles. (The English captions are not availble for Iphone and Ipad). Property details

To arrange a viewing Tel: (+34) 971 351530, or send an e-mail to  

We also want you to discover an unknown corner of the north coast of Menorca, this time in "Menorca's Secret Places" we present "Cala del Pilar", "Ets Alocs" and "Sa Bombarda"

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Enchanting period cottage for sale in Alaior, Menorca!!!

Just outside the quiet town of Alaior, one of the most endearing on the island of Menorca, a small period country house which has recently been reformed is for sale. This haven, which is almost a hundred years old, is full of charm and hidden away from the stresses of modern life in its enchanting bucolic garden.  Discover the secrets of this unique property in the following video (View with English subtitles from the drop-down menu [if you connect from an Iphone or from an Ipad you cannot see the subtitles]). 
Price: 160.000Euros 
Property details 

To arrange a viewing Tel: (+34) 971 351530, or send an e-mail to

In addition a new installment of "Menorca's Secret Places", this week you will discover a mystical place in Menorca, the "Cova des Coloms" (Cave of the Pigeons), you do not want to miss it!

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Country house for sale in Torret, Menorca for only 470.000 Euros!!!

In the village of Torret, Sant Lluís, a rural neighbourhood of traditional white houses, where the ambience of country life still continues, we find this cosy two storey house with a delightful garden for an unbeatable price.
Check the virtues of this lovely house on the videos (English subtitles).
Property details

To arrange a viewing Tel: (+34) 971 351530, or send an e-mail to  
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